Production cylinder liner for 20 years.


About us

HH cylinder liner located in the south of Hebei Provice,China—Xingtai,is the only one heavy duty truck TATRA production base in China,TATRA use multi-cylinders air cooled the begining,our factory based on produce TATRA air cooled cylinder liner,continue to develop innovative varieties,within 20 years development,have production department,R&D department,international business department,domestic business department,warehouse logistics etc,provide production, sales and after-sales service for our,we produce TATRA series,Deutz series,Lister series,volkswagen,Renault,Benz,industry air compressor series and other more than 200 types cylinder liner,have been leading manufacturer for air cooled cylinder liner in China.

Our equipment

We have introduced advanced production equipment from Germany,Green, Nagel CNC honing machine and Taylor, Hommel detection equipment,establish complete production line.

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Our customers

Our market share continues to increase,Bulk exports Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Middle East, Africa, South America and other countries.

Quality control

We have the best engineers and technicians with 20 years of experience in order to ensure quality and reduce cost while creating revolutionary developments in processing methods and mechanisms.

From raw materials to finished products, we carry out strict inspection to ensure the craft. Equipped with the most advanced instruments, our products are 100% tested to ensure they meet ISO 9001 standard.



The HHcylinderliner team is made up of qualified employees and experienced leaders whose technical and managerial skills are perfectly balanced. A management system worthy of a large corporation optimizes our human capital to achieve the twin objectives of flexibility and quality.

The driving force behind our story and our success, our team spirit brings together dynamic, motivated, responsible and dedicated men and women. It keeps us all moving in the same direction and maximizes our strengths every day.

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